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Thing 3 of 23–Post 1

I’ve spent some time Googling myself, both as “Merri Monks” and as “Merri M. Monks” — different things come up under those two different searches.  Much of it is a trail of my professional life–reviews I wrote for Booklist in the ’90s are still showing up in various places online (amazon, booklists put together by teachers and librarians, etc.)–which is great.  Reviewing books is something in which I still have a strong interest, and can now use that interest in a variety of ways, including developing continuing education for youth services librarians in Iowa, the group whom I presently serve as a library consultant.

But I also found blogs I’d started years ago (as early as 2003, a short-lived blog on the Enneagram) and had forgotten.  The post that usually comes up first is my LinkedIn account–and I have some work to do with that account, to update it and add information to it.  I’ve started blogs on a couple of interests–when Hillary Clinton was running for president, I used a blog to assemble information for people who were following me via email–wasn’t using Twitter then but sending posts to a select group of people.  I’ve started a couple of blogs to review books and films but didn’t stick with it.  But this project is helping me to connect dots that I didn’t previously see or value–that I’m coming to see and value as the result of the work in this course.  Looking again at tools like LibraryThing, Twitter, Flickr, Library 2.0, and other, newer tools–Prezi, TED–are helping me to see the web, and to begin to use it, in a whole new way.  Thanks, CPD23!

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