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Thing 4 of 23

This week’s three tools had two that are familiar, one that is new.  I’ve been using RSS aggregators for the last 6-7 years.  I liked Bloglines and used it regularly; when the announcement came that it was shutting down, I opened a Google Reader account but still continued to use Bloglines.  I miss it–found it easy to use and read.  However, I’m getting used to Reader and have many feeds aggregated there.  I read feeds on libraries (a favorite is iLibrarian, Alyssa Kroski’s excellent blog), technology, books (a favorite is Blog of a Bookslut).  I recently added Reeder to my iPhone, which enables me to access my feeds anytime, anywhere, which is great.  I highly recommend this app.  I’ve also added Dropbox and Instapaper, two apps I’m looking forward to using.

I have had a Twitter account for several years, have a couple of Twitter apps on my iPhone, but it has taken me quite a while to warm up to it.  I’m just now, through this class, beginning to see some value in it.  I had been using Facebook for social connecting, including its chat function, but am seeing that Twitter has a professional application and am looking forward to participating via this method in Twitter conversations at the next conference I attend.  This course has also given me the motivation to update my LinkedIn account and I’ve enrolled in several groups, another way to engage in professional converations.

I’m new to Pushnote and while I’ve created an account and downloaded the add-on, I haven’t used it much.  I’ll try it as I look at various websites and see whether it’s useful to me.

This week’s activities have been valuable, particularly as I’ve been able to see Twitter as a way of developing a stronger voice, and jumping into some great learning experiences.

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